The Umahesh Yoga School (since 2002) is a centre for Yogic studies. Students who come to the courses  learn, via the practice of the yoga postures known as asana and the practice of yoga breathing exercises known as pranayama, how to live a more harmonious way of life.   

We are not proposing a new technique or a revolutionary new way of practice. Umahesh Yoga is named as such because it is taught by us Uma and Mahesh. Every teacher has his/her own way of teaching because they can only share what they have understood from their teacher or from the method they have been taught. If possible, they should be able to adapt their teachings by observing  what works best with the students they teach.

We have learned and trained solely in the Iyengar method. As a consequence, what we do revolves around this. However, we are in no way affiliated with the Iyengar federation.

At the beginning, basic poses are taught so as to develop a sense of direction, alignment, flexibility and stability while learning to coordinate the mind and body. We start with what is accessible, and make what we teach accessible to everyone no matter what physical condition they are in. We use different supports (bricks, belts, benches, walls ...etc) to help develop awareness in areas of the body that are dull, weak or injured, so that these parts may also wake up and participate in the pose.

A typical class will be made up of 3 components

  1. Preparation - focus - establishing a base or theme
  2. Exploration - moving through a sequence of asana that build on first component
  3. Relaxation - restful, restorative and supported asana

Every situation demands a unique approach - adaptability
Every person has different requirements - sensitivity
The goal of Yoga is to free one's Self from the turmoil of duality - liberty