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Our 1st year in Gokarna
We hadn't planned to start the course in Gokarna but a twist of fate led us there and we have been there every year since. In 2011 we did a 4 week nomadic Yoga course, we started in Goa at the Himalayan Iyengar Yoga Centre where we spent 2 weeks, then after the last class I took my motorbike and drove to Hampi to find a place to practice with the group. I found a temple with a spectacular view. The group arrived the next day and we stayed for 1 week, we did the same in Gokarna. The following year we planned 2 weeks in Goa and then 4 weeks in Gokarna. We arrived in Goa early but after a couple of weeks decided it was too hectic, so I took the bike again with Jiva and went to Gokarna. We went to the last shack on the beach looking for a house. The shack owner said he had one 200 metres back from the beach. The house was simple with lots of space around, and it is there (as you see in the video) where we made the first Gokarna Yoga Shala. We have since moved the shala further away from the house and constructed a semi-permanent structure which is fully equipped for Yoga practice.