"Words cannot convey the value of Yoga, it has to be experienced" BKS Iyengar"Words cannot convey the value of Yoga, it has to be experienced"

 14th January - 24th February 2018

 This unique immersion course is an ideal springboard to start and integrate into your daily life a methodical, comprehensive and beneficial Yoga practice. Yoga is now widely recognized for its healing effects on both the body and the mind, as well as an efficient way to bring about harmony and balance in one's life. However, a regular and diligent practice is of paramount importance to experience these benefits and as most people come to realize, inspite of their willingness, it is not so straightforward to integrate a daily practice.

During this 6-week course we will share with you our 20 years of experience and guide you towards a clear and self-sufficient practice.

Week 1 : Introductory & preparatory practice: Introduction to the basics of the technique as taught by Uma & Mahesh, 2 hours daily. This first week is essential to get used the place, the climate and the technique. 

Weeks 2 – 3 : Preliminary practice, 4 hours daily. The morning classes will be dedicated to learning the essential Yogasanas and sequences. The evening classes are geared towards preparation for pranayama i.e. learning to use supports to cultivate fullness and restfulness in poses. There will be 3 self-practice sessions during each week.

Weeks 4 – 5 : Deepening the practice, 5 heures par jour. The morning classes will last for 3hrs and will bring an in-depth exploration of each asana using various props to refine one's understanding of the “how and why” of Yogic practice. The evening classes will focus on learning and practicing Pranayama. There will be 3 self-practice sessions during each week.

Week 6 : Consolidation. During this week you will learn to become clear and self-sufficient in your practice. We will finish the course with group meal and music (bring your instruments if you play!) On Saturday it is karma Yoga day where everybody will be involved in dismantling and packing the centre.

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*This course is open to students of all levels and methods of Yoga. If you have an open mind, the will and motivation to devote yourself to 6 weeks of study and practice, you are most welcome.*

 20-minute video of the 6-week course 2012

Price - 600€ or 45000 rupees

Prices are only for teaching and do not include: flights, accommodation, food etc

To reserve your place a €300 non-refundable deposit will need to be paid.

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