The Umahesh Yoga School offers a unique training program starting in September 2018.

Although this course may serve as a base for students who wish to become teachers, however it is open to anyone who wishes to immerse them-selves into yoga practice.

"Yoga practice is not a hobby but rather a discipline and an art of living"

This training course is for students who are already practicing Yoga and wish to, first of all, deepen their working knowledge of this ancestral science, art, discipline and way of life. The program that we offer is spread over 3 years and will show the students how to install a daily Yoga practice where they will explore, discover, learn and assimilate the finer aspects of Yoga and make it an integral part of their day-to-day life. At some point on their path, some will feel the desire to share with others the benefits of their practice and will naturally want to become teachers.

And this is where this training program takes on its true meaning... But why is this training unique?

umahesh yoga TTC 1

This Teachers Training course is adapted to each student:

Even though the TTC group will follow general lessons that make up the "core" of the training program, there will be an aspect of apprenticeship, where each student will be taught according to who and where they are in their practice. In this sense the training is different for each student so as to get the best out of their uniqueness and individual qualities. Each participant becomes an apprentice for the duration of the training program.

Yoga is a very complex system of self-realisation, which in most cases requires time to learn, process, install, and integrate to be able to propagate. It is one thing learning about all the intricacies of the postures and breathing exercises intellectually and another to have practiced them and actually understood them.

Every practitioner has their own pace of learning, so we will see that each "apprentice" receives the instruction that is suited to where they are: according to the level and the difficulties that are encountered, advice and recommendations for personal development will be given. At the same time it is down to you, the apprentice, to do the work, to commit and involve yourself as much as possible to learning and practicing Yoga. Your progress will bring you opportunities to assist the teachers in a class and eventually teach by yourself.

In addition to compulsory modules, we offer you the opportunity to join all our courses (Sunday morning & weekend workshops & 5 day courses - except the "retreats” in India or France) and all weekly classes (according to availability).

umahesh yoga TTC 2

“Teaching Yoga comes from having already established a certain maturity in one’s own Sadhana (practice)”

Initially teaching will not be the focal point of this training but rather a potential aspect. We ask all those who want to participate in this training to completely forget the idea of certification and immerse themselves in the learning process to first of all become a strong and independent Yoga practitioner. That's why we decided to give you access to all classes, courses and workshops so you can constantly reinforce your practice, renew your experiences and submerge yourself in a Yogic bath.

We can take the image of a fruit tree, when the seed is planted it takes a lot of care and time for the roots to grow and then the trunk, branches and leaves. On a nice spring day, it will start giving a bit of shade and a few fruits. But one has to be patient and wait several more years for the root system to develop properly, the trunk to thicken, the branches to grow and leaves to spread before the tree has an abundance of fruits to feed the many. In the same way before one can share the fruits of his practice through teaching, one must become firmly established in Yoga like a mature and abundant fruit tree.

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During the training you will learn, first of all:

How to develop a personal asanas and pranayama practice on a regular basis.
How to install a Proper Yogic Routine: = Daily rituals of practice, diet etc...
The principles of the Yoga sutras of Patanjali
The essentials of Ayurveda
Self study of the Basics of Anatomy and Physiology

Secondly, when the essentials have been understood:

How to teach beginners
How to correct
How to use props
How to organise a class
How to evolve students
How to deal with difficulties with a student/group

The training course is spread over a school year : 


8th - 9th September

6th - 7th October

3rd - 4th November


6th - 7th April

4th - 5th May

1st - 2nd June

Intensive training retreat (residential)

14th - 19th July


Price = 1500€ per year

6 weekends + 1 x 6 day retreat (residential)

You will also be able to participate in 2 weekly classes + themed Sunday workshops and weekends immersions (according to availability)

Payments can be made over 3 installments (500€ cashed in October, April & June)

Or by monthly installments (150€ over 10 months)

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