For people with reduced capacities

   The goal of these special classes is to help people prevent, relieve and recover from a trauma, chronic problems or an injury. Helping the participant to understand how to manage difficulties and learning how to be more objective when dealing with these limitation. Also preparing you to be able to participate in the weekly classes.

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   These remedial classes move at a slower pace, and in small groups so as to create an environment where the students can work on their physical limitations safely.

   The sessions are led by a teacher and several assistants who ensure that each student receives the attention and corrections he / she needs to manage the difficulties experienced. We will be using a wide range of equipment (supports or accessories) that will help to adapt the posture of the student for maximum benefits.

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   If you take part in a remedial class, you should not participate in weekly classes at the same time (unless you are a regular student at our school), so you and your yoga teacher can judge the effects generated by the corrective work.

   We will be dealing with (but not limited to) knee problems, hip, pelvis, lower back, neck, shoulders, tensions, digestion, respiration etc ...

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Program - Price - Registration

A minimum registration of 6 consecutive weeks is required = one lesson per week on Saturdays from 10am to 12pm.

   Students wishing to register must first contact us by email or phone. Following the interview, we will arrange a meeting in the person. The final decision on participation is by the teacher who will assess the possibility of establishing appropriate sessions.


Price = 150€

(6 sessions)

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